Managing your network is more than just managing data. You need to ensure that you never lose touch with the key companies and people you need relationships with.

Nudge automatically monitors your relationships for you, without any manual logging. By keeping track of every interaction, Nudge can alert you when you begin to lose touch. 

You can tell Nudge to keep track of who you need to reach out to by putting people on To Do.

The To Do page is accessible from the right side of the homepage. There you can see which contacts you want to reach out to, and how much time you have to do so.

When you create a To Do, you can select the date you want to reach out to the person by. If you don’t set a specific date, Nudge will automatically set it for two weeks out.

Contacts in To Do are tagged with red, yellow or green, depending on how close the reach-out date is.

Put Contacts on To Do

When it’s time to reach out to your To Dos, you’ll use the Nudge Composer to Craft a Message.

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