If you notice there’s information that’s incorrect or missing in Nudge, flag it so that the system can fix it.

Flag Incorrect Data

On the Contacts Page:

  • Select the Contact with incorrect info
  • Click Flag Data at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the data that is incorrect

The system will look at the flagged data and correct the information.

Flag Duplicate Contacts

If you see two profiles for the same person, you can flag them as a duplicate contact.

On the Contacts Page:

  • Select both Contacts
  • Click Flag Data
  • Select Contacts are Duplicates

Flag Missing Data on Lists

You can also fill in data that’s missing in your lists.

At the top of any List you’ll see a Missing Data button.

When you click the Missing Data button, you’ll be given options to select correct job titles, pictures, or Twitter handles for people in the list.

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