Nudge can be used in many different ways depending on your current goals. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, build relationships with influencers or simply focus on growing a stronger network, you can follow the steps below as a general guide.

1. Review Your Daily Outlook Email

Best served with your morning coffee, the Nudge Daily Outlook Email is the easiest way to get ready for the day ahead.

  • Scan to see who you’re meeting with today. If there’s anyone you want to learn more about, simply click on their profile image to open up the app.
  • You can click on any of the social media links on their profile to get a quick briefing or review any past notes you have on them. Or view the “Content” tab in their profile to see their recent Tweets or if their name or company has recently been mentioned in the news.
  • If no meeting surprises, scroll down to “Contacts in the News” to see if people or companies you care about have recently been mentioned. If you see an interesting article, click on it to read the full story. If it’s worth reaching out, send your contact a note that you saw their recent news!

2. Scan Your Network News Feed

It’s the easiest way to stay up to date with news about your network. You don’t have to act on everything in the feed, but here’s how you can quickly see what’s happening and reach out when the time is right:

  • Choose a List if you have one to filter the Network News Feed
  • Scan to see if any important relationships have recently been mentioned in the news. If they have, click through to read the article and see what it’s all about. Send your contact a quick email letting them know that you saw the news and were thinking about them.
  • Check to see if any of your contacts recent Tweets are worth clicking on and responding to or simply “Liking” to let them know you saw it.
  • If you’re seeing contacts you don’t care about, click “Hide” to stop them from showing up in your news feed.

3. Share Trending Content

It’s no surprise that sharing great content with your network is an easy way to stay top of mind while establishing your personal brand as an expert in your industry. Check the feed a few times a day to:

  • See if there’s any relevant articles that are worth reading. You can read the full article right in Nudge without ever leaving.
  • If you think you’re network would find it useful, simple share the article across your favourite social channels or directly with any of your contacts.

Note: We will be adding new sharing options very shortly to help with this process.

4. Throughout the Day

Depending on how busy your day is or the number of people you meet with, there’s a few other simple ways to put Nudge to work for you:

  • Set reminders and take notes – After every meeting, you will see Meeting Follow Up cards appear in the Network News Feed so that you can quickly take personal notes or set reminders for any of your attendees. This is a great way to keep track of personal notes for each contact, all in one place.
  • Respond or Like Tweets – If you have a free minute, open up the app and see if there’s any Tweets worth responding too, Retweeting or Liking. This only takes a few seconds and is an easy way to show someone you value their updates.
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