The most difficult part of winning any deal is finding it. Nudge turbo-charges your sales performance by giving you a way to access any account on your list. Unlock your total network potential by adding collaborators, and immediately see who they have strong relationships with at each account.

Prospecting gets so much easier with Nudge's advanced search functionality. You can search for contacts within your personal network, your team's network, and the global Nudge database. 

Search for a Contact

  • Go to Contacts
  • Select either My Contacts, Network Contacts or Global Contacts
  • Type a name into the search bar to find a contact in the Nudge network

Even if someone isn’t using Nudge, you can still find them in Nudge’s Global Network. You’ll only see public information for people who aren’t your personal contacts.

Advanced Searches

Options for more advanced searches appear on the top of the Contacts page. You can apply advanced filters, or display your results by specific relationship strength levels -- or both. 

Don't know a specific contact? A large number of advanced filters, such as Company Name, Job Level, Role, Industry, and Location, make finding the right prospects easier than ever. 

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