Access Target Accounts

Tired of nobody responding to your outbound efforts? There’s a smarter way to break into accounts. Nudge tracks relationship strength to identify which contacts in your company, or in its extended network, have the best access to target accounts. For example, if an executive on your team has a strong relationship with someone in the buying organization, it can be a quick shortcut to success. A well-placed introduction can start a deal cycle better than any sales pitch.

Understand and leverage your team's history

Is there history with the account you are about to prospect? Are there former champions of your product who are now at jobs there? Does anyone on your team have relationships you can leverage? Was anyone in sales able to build any relationship there previously?

Nudge ensures that you have your team’s complete relationship history with any account at your fingertips. Never miss an opportunity or end up in an awkward conversation again.

Leverage Industry Super-Connectors

Collaborate outside of your Team's network. Advisors, partners, investors, and experts can all act as “super connectors” who can connect your team to new industries, new geographies, and new skill areas. Have super-connectors who you have strong relationships with join your team to amplify the effectiveness of your organization. 

Learn how to leverage your network through Collaborators.

Then learn how to manage your lists of contacts.

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