Adding additional sources of contacts to Nudge will give you true insight into your full rolodex of relationships, including the strength of those relationships. 

Take your LinkedIn connections, for example. Are you tired of seeing “connections” and knowing only 1/10 of them? Nudge not only assigns a strength to your own relationships with connections, but will show you common connections, ranked by actual strength of the relationship. Now you can easily identify who can best introduce you to whom at any account on your target list.

There are two steps to seeing your real relationships:

  1. Download your LinkedIn connections 
  2. Create a list of your LinkedIn connections 

Download your LinkedIn Connections

  • Log into LinkedIn
  • Click on Me in the top menu 
  • Under Account select Settings & Privacy  
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Scroll down to 'How LinkedIn uses your data' 
  • Select 'Download your data'
  • Choose to download your connections 
  • Click Request Archive
  • In about 10 minutes you'll receive an email with your connections  

Once you have a file of your connections, check to make sure it's saved as a .CSV. Then you're ready to upload it to your account. 

Create a List of your LinkedIn Connections 

  • Log into
  • On the left side of your homepage, click +Create by your contact lists
  • Name your list 
  • Select Upload a .CSV, and then click Next 
  • Follow the steps to upload your .CSV, and then wait a few minutes for to populate your list (it will be a longer wait if you have a larger network)
  • Check your list to see which of your connections you have real relationships with 
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