Now you can find the latest news at accounts, who can intro you to a customer, and who on your team has the best relationship at a company – all within Slack.

The Nudgebot is available only in Nudge Teams, and lets you and your team ask questions on Slack about your target accounts and relationships.


Slack Admins can add the Nudgebot into their Slack Channel(s):

  • Go to
  • Login with Nudge
  • Login to your Slack account
  • Choose the Slack teams where you want to add the Nudgebot
  • Under Manage and then Permissions, make sure Sign in with Slack is switched to ON

Once the Slack Admin has added the Nudgebot, team members need to connect their Nudge account to Slack:

  • Message @nudge in any channel
  • Follow the prompts to login to your Nudge account
  • Ask questions of the Nudgebot directly in Slack

How to Use the Nudgebot: 

There are 2 ways to chat with the Nudgebot:

  • Message @nudge in any channel
  • Add @nudge as a direct message 

Get started by asking questions like these:

  • Who is in sales at Vidyard?
  • What’s happening at Shopify?
  • Who do I know at Vidyard?
  • Who knows John Smith at Cisco?

The Nudgebot will find people and news, which you can fully access through Nudge.

You can also ask the Nudgebot to follow news on:

  • Any Company 
  • Your Nudge Company Lists (not Public Lists)
  • Your Nudge Contact Lists (not Public Lists)

Direct message the Nudgebot to Follow Vidyard, Follow <insert list name here> List, Follow my Targeted Accounts List, etc. Then the Nudgebot will send you proactive notifications as 8am, noon, and 4pm on updates and news – directly in Slack.

If you want to stop getting updates, just ask the Nudgebot to Unfollow or Block the name of the list or company.

The Nudgebot is a feature of Nudge Teams. Check out more Nudge Team features, such as our Salesforce Integration. 

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