shows you the strength of your relationship with every contact.

You'll see your relationship with every contact represented in words, as well as in the dark green bars by their picture. 

Relationship Strength Icons 

Relationship strength ranges from very weak to very strong.

You can also see how strong the relationship was in the past by looking at the light green bars. The dark green shows the current strength, and the light green shows the previous strength.

How Tracks Relationship Strength 

The strength of relationships is calculated by tracking the history, frequency and balance between your emails and meetings.  

  • If you’ve known them a long time, the relationship takes a long time to weaken
  • If you start emailing someone new and then quickly stop talking, that relationship will weaken faster
  • If there's only one way communication, no reply, there’s no real relationship

To see how your relationship strength is being determined, click on your Relationship History with any contact. 


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