As a Team admin, you can manage your Team account, licenses, and payments all through your Team’s main page.

As a Team manager, you can add or remove team members.

Manage Team Members

Team admins can add or remove team members on the Team Page. They can also set other team members as Managers, which gives them the ability to add or remove team members.

Manage Licenses and Payment 

Admins can purchase licenses and view payment information on the Team Page.

Nudge Team offers 10 free licenses for every company account for a 30 day trial.

Additional licenses can be purchased for each user. Monthly charges start on the day the first license is purchased, and all additional user licenses purchased after the first license, will be co-terminus with the monthly start date. All our transactions are handled by and are completely secure.

Find out more about pricing here.

Share Team Lists 

Admins can also share Lists with the Team directly on the Team Page. All team members can also directly view the relationships their Collaborators have with each list.

Finish setting up your team by following our Getting Starting Checklist.

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