Nudge automatically tracks and captures every interaction and shows you the people and companies you have recently interacted with, are losing touch with, or have active relationships with.

This works most accurately when you connect both your work and personal email addresses so that Nudge can get a true view into your network*. 

Once you've added your accounts, not only will you have insight into the current strength of your relationships, you will be able to monitor how you are doing each week. Relationships grow as you put in effort, and decay over time as you neglect them. Use Nudge to keep your network growing and your relationships healthy, and you will set yourself up for long term business success.

Add an Email Account:

  • Go to the Settings page
  • Click on Email Accounts
  • Add additional email accounts
  • Turn on permissions for each account

Nudge also syncs with your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account.

  • Go to the Settings page
  • Click on Social Accounts
  • Connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Turn on permissions to share tweets out of Nudge

*Nudge relationship analysis only tracks the frequency of your emails, and will never look at the contents of your messages.  With the activity-logging add-on, the content of your email will be logged to CRM, but will never be stored on Nudge's servers in any way.

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