The Nudge Daily Outlook Email preps you for the day ahead and shows you what’s happening in your network.

With your Nudge account, you’ll receive the Daily Outlook Email every morning.

The Daily Outlook Email has 4 main components.

Today’s Meetings:

  • An overview of the meetings scheduled in your calendar
  • The people at each meeting, and direct access to their Nudge profile

Recent Interactions:

  • A list of contacts that you’d been in touch with the previous day
  • A reminder to follow-up or add notes/interests based on yesterday’s interactions

Contacts in the News:

  • A quick view of which of your contacts are in today’s news
  • A quick view of which companies you’re following are in today’s news
  • Direct access to the full articles that mention your contacts and companies

Trending Topics:

  • Curated articles recommended for you based on your interest topics set in topics profile
  • Direct access to the full articles and the ability to share them via Twitter or email
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