You can now understand your relationships and the accounts you are selling to in an unprecedented way.  See how many strong and how many active relationships you have, and immediately understand where you need to focus to drive increased success.

Every interaction you have with someone in your network is magnified by the relationship history and analysis that Nudge provides. Each interaction in Gmail, Outlook, or Salesforce will show your relationship strength and communication history so you can build upon that history quickly and easily.

You can track the strength of your network through your Network Health Score. 

The top number represents the number of strong and very strong relationships you have. The bottom is your number of active relationships, or people you’ve been in touch with in the last year.

Together, these numbers represent your number of real relationships.  

Relationships grow as you put in effort, and decay over time as you neglect them. Be sure to keep your network growing, and your relationships healthy, and you will set yourself up for long term business success. Let your relationships weaken, and the opposite might become true.

In addition to tracking your Network Health Score, you can monitor Your Network Growth

Remember to use the Act Section of your Dashboard to keep an eye on your metrics, such as your activities and how your relationships are strengthening or weakening.

In addition, the Alerts section in the top left navigation menu will also allow you to monitor which relationships are thriving, and which need your attention. 

Building your network means increasing your number of active relationships, as well as strengthening your existing ones.

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