We have now created the ability to access Nudge profiles right from your salesforce leads, contacts and account records.

Note: if you do not have access to make these changes, forward this article to your salesforce.com administrator

Follow these steps for setup:

Note: you can add social handles to the Lead and Contact integration calls, if you don’t have many email addresses in your database. You need to use & and insert the field merge, which will be different for every salesforce.com account. It may look like this:


  • Now go to Page Layouts for the field you configured
  • Find the Page Layout you use for your team, or your company
  • Click edit
  • Then at the top, click on Buttons and find your new Nudge button
  • Drag that button into the Custom Buttons area in the Lead/Contact/Account Detail section of this page.
  • Go back to the top and click save.

Finally you should see a new Button: Nudge Lead, Nudge Contact, Nudge Account for each record type. When a user clicks on this, as long as they have logged into Nudge before, a Nudge profile window will pop open.

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