Relationships are based on trust, but you can't build trust overnight. How do you ensure you're doing that, while also maintaining that growth at scale? 

The key is to use insights. Nudge automatically monitors your relationships and alerts you, based on your own thresholds, when you begin to lose touch with any account. Automated, impersonal messages might be ok before a relationship has been established, but once you have a relationship with someone, you need to be able to offer something valuable in your communications. 

Nudge pulls from over 80,000 data sources each day to automate the grunt work of sales research. 

You can access these insights in a number of ways. In the Nudge app, when you access a contact's profile: 

From the Chrome extension while you're browsing in LinkedIn:

When you're composing an email in Outlook or Gmail, or browsing your leads in CRM: 

In your inbox every day (once you've configured your Daily Email): 

Through mutual connections with whom you have existing relationships: 

By having something valuable and timely to say, you will be able to build relationships based on trust. Building relationships at scale, is where the power of Nudge's AI engine comes into play. 

Tell Nudge that you want to be in touch with your target accounts, and the cadence at which you'd like to reach out, and we’ll never let you slip. Key buying insights on each account, combined with gentle reminders of any you are falling behind on, keep you top of mind with every key decision-maker.

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