Managing your network is more than just managing data. You need to ensure that you never lose touch with the key companies and people you need relationships with.

Nudge automatically monitors your relationships and alerts you, based on your own thresholds, when you begin to lose touch with any account. Your Dashboard helps you set those thresholds and keep track of how your network relationships are growing or decaying. 


Once Nudge has scanned your network, simply indicate which people and companies you want to build relationships with, and what kind of insights allow you to start conversations, and we’ll do the rest.

Nudge’s artificial intelligence algorithms will scan for any of your prospects in the news or social media, and deliver to you a daily summary of the top sales insights that you can use to build the relationships you need. Learn how to set up your Daily Email by selecting the topics you're interested in getting updates on. 

From the Target screen, you'll be able to see your recent interactions, contacts you have upcoming meetings with, and those you are losing touch with. Set your "Keep in Touch" Cadences and add directly to Targeted Lists, right from your home screen. 


Get into any account you want through people in your network. Collaborate with team members and personal contacts on Nudge and immediately see who they have strong relationships with at each account.

From your dashboard, you'll be able to explore the networks of your collaborators to see their relationships, ask for introductions, and monitor your Network Leaderboard.  

Learn more about collaborators, and why you should collaborate outside of your team.


Understand everything about your relationships, and your activity. Nudge analyzes everything about your network and your networking, so you can understand how effective you are and how you compare to your peers. The "Act" tab in the Dashboard will show you your activity and where you should be focusing your effort. Learn more about Analyzing your Relationships.


Relationships grow as you put in effort, and decay over time as you neglect them. Use Nudge's reporting capabilities to monitor how you are doing each week. From the main Dashboard, click on Understand Your Network to see your Network Graph. 

Keep your network growing, and your relationships healthy, and you will set yourself up for long term business success. Let your relationships weaken, and the opposite might become true. 


Understand how your overall network has grown in the past year. See what cities your network is strongest in. View the strong relationships you have, or the people that you are losing touch with. Find out where you rank compared your collaborators, and your network. From the Dashboard, click on "Grow Your Network" to access your Network Leaderboard. 

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