Set your Cadences to never lose touch.

You need to stay on top of your accounts, but the rigorous “automated sequences” products lock you in and feel too rigorous for selling.

Tell Nudge that you want to be in touch with your target accounts at least once a month, and we’ll never let you slip. Nudge will automatically monitor your relationships and alert you, based on your own thresholds, when you begin to lose touch with any account. Also, see the conversations already happening between you, your team, and the buyer’s company.

Reach out where you work. How you work.

Nudge keeps you efficient by snapping in seamlessly to your existing tools and workflow.

Bring your target account lists from CRM automatically and have a daily brief on the best accounts to call on based on recent events. Embed Nudge beside your sales automation (ie. SalesLoft, Outreach) or CRM platform for instant, in-context insights.

Be more effective at driving revenue without changing the tools you use now.

Run proven sales plays using templates

Any buyer travels a unique path on their own buying journey.  However, as they go about their journey, there are often standard sales “plays” that you have had success with that help move them forward and introduce new perspectives. Nudge makes this simple with sales play templates that you can quickly save and re-use.  Deliver your best work every time by capturing it in a simple template and using it again every time it’s relevant.

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