Building quality relationships takes time. But simply making more calls, writing more emails, and hustling more – it isn't the way. 

To understand how to find and grow new relationships, there are three questions that you need to consider:

  1. Is there a way to establish trust through a shared connection?
  2. Is there something insightful you can say that elevates your message above the noise?
  3. Can you do this right in your workflow?

Shared Connections

It isn't enough to know that someone in your network has a connection to someone you want to establish a relationship with. You need to know the strength of that connection. Nudge is able to measure relationships that you and your network have, and apply a relationship strength to them.

Lists can be comprised of individual contacts or companies who are related in some way. For example, maybe you're in a sales role and want to track your relationships with prospects in a target account. Once you've created a list of individuals or companies, you can identify any collaborators in your network who can offer a warm introduction.

Insightful Messages

Being relevant is key. Take personalized outreach to the next level with news and social insights. You tell us what kind of events indicate a likely buyer, and Nudge’s artificial intelligence algorithms will keep an eye out for any time those events occur. Knowing about just the events you care about, in real time, lets you keep pipeline active, introduce new points of view at the right time, and gradually move buyers towards being ready to discuss a deal.

Real-Time Insight

Timing is everything. You need these insights at the ready, wherever you work. Nudge serves up news and social mentions for both contacts and companies right in your inbox as you're composing an email in Outlook, browsing prospects on LinkedIn, visiting a prospect's website in Chrome, and more.

Once your lists and interests are configured, start your day off with daily insights, delivered right to your inbox. Learn more.

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