Once your Nudge.ai company admin had set up the team's Salesforce.com integration, each user can follow these steps to complete their sync.

Create a Salesforce View

1. Log into your Salesforce account

2. On any page of your Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Opportunities,
click Create New View

3. Enter a View Name

4. Select how you want to filter your view

You can choose any view of accounts that you want. For example, if you want to see all accounts of a certain size, location, or all accounts marked with a certain status, you can select those fields.  

Below, we selected Owner Last Name and Industry, so we'll only see software companies owned by Stephanie Malatesta. 

You can filter from All Accounts, or just My Accounts, and can then refine the filter by selecting one or multiple other fields. 

5. If you'd like to use the view in Salesforce as well, you can select which fields you want displayed in Salesforce

6. Choose who you want to have access to your view, and click Save

Sync your View in Nudge.ai

Once your view has been saved, the view will appear in your Nudge.ai account under Email & CRM Accounts (Profile > Settings > Email & CRM Accounts). 

7. Select the view to sync it as a Nudge.ai list

8. The new list will appear on your homepage after a refresh - pin the list by clicking the pin icon green 

Though the list will appear immediately, the data will take a few hours to sync over to Nudge.ai.

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