The art of selling to long-cycle deals involves staying in touch with a large number of deals, while never dropping the ball on any. But the trick to building trusted relationships is adding value, not volume.

Nudge makes this simple by monitoring all of your relationships and notifying you when you begin to lose touch with any of them. Unlike other sales automation tools, which can be overly structured and inflexible, Nudge monitors all accounts and won’t remind you of any you are already in touch with.

You can tell Nudge how often you want to be in touch with your contacts or companies by setting a cadence, and the AI will let you know when it's time to get in touch. 

Understanding Cadences on a List

On any list you've created, you'll see a cadence bar at the top. 

Each colored bar represents a period of time. You can move the slider to see how many contacts on the list that you've reached out to during any period.

Set a Cadence to Track Reach-Outs

1. Choose how often you want to be in touch with the contacts or companies in that list, and move the slider to set your cadence 

 2.  Anyone that you haven't been in touch with in that time frame will appear under the list's cadence tab

3. They will also appear under your Reminders tab in the extension

4. Now here's your chance to add value. Use insights and templates to craft your reach out.

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