In sales, long cycle deals are a major challenge. When there is long term interest, but no immediate deal in play, you need to stay in touch. It’s critical to remain relevant and educate the buyer over time. This is also true for keeping current customers happy and engaged. 

In either case, networks are built over the long term and your organization needs to ensure that you keep in touch with key stakeholders. Nudge ensures that you never lose touch by monitoring for any person or company you want to keep in touch with, but have not communicated with recently. 

To help you do that, Nudge also allows teams to share powerful messages – that have worked – in order to keep relationships engaged. All this means simpler and more effective outreach.'s templates let you quickly add a custom message into the text of an email. 

This video will show you how. 

Add a Template to Your Email

1. In a new email, click the icon on the bottom right

2. Select the template to add to your email text  

3. The template text will then be added to your email

Create an Email Template

1. In a new email, click the icon on the bottom right

2. Select Edit templates  

3. Create a new email template, and click Save  

You can also create new templates in your Settings on

Email Templates for Your Team 

If you're on a Team, you can share email templates with your team members.

1. Once you've created and saved a template, click the option menu on the top right

2. Click Share, and select your team 

3. The template will appear as an option for your team members in their email

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