As a team administrator, the ability to see where your team is working can help track successes, as well as ensure that team members are being productive and efficient. breaks down team activities into easy-to-understand graphs. This allows  you to get a quick sense of how your team is doing, and where there's room for improvement. 

To see how your team is engaging: 

  • Click Teams in the top menu
  • Select Analytics 
  • Select Setup

There are two reports that track team engagement: Team Logins and Team Lists.

Team Logins

This report shows you the frequently with which your team members log into, and where those activities are taking place. 

At a quick glance, you're able to see which team members are most active, as well as where they engage with 

You can also toggle each kind of activity on or off to change your view, and focus on the activities that are most important to your team.

By gaining insight into how fits into their workflow and how the most successful reps are engaging, success stories can then be replicated across the team.  
In order to see the data that's most relevant to your team's sales cycle, you can also change the time frame of the report.

Team Lists

The Team Lists report shows you which of your team members are set up for success on     

This report shows you how many contact or company lists each team member is tracking in their account. 

You can choose to view the lists together, or view contact lists and company lists separately by toggling between them.  

If a team member hasn't created enough company lists to properly track their accounts, they won't get the full benefit of our AI insights. Their next step is to focus on list creation and account tracking.

By providing a clear picture of how a team is engaging with, these reports help administrators ensure that reps are focused on productive and efficient activities. 

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