Once your Nudge.ai company admin had set up the team's Salesforce.com integration, each user can follow these steps to complete their sync. 

If your company admin hasn't completed the admin steps, refer to this article.

Users won't be able to complete their Salesforce sync until their admin has completed these steps.

To set up your Salesforce Integration: 

  1. Log into app.nudge.ai
  2. Click your Profile in the top right
  3. Select "Settings" 
  4. Click "Email & CRM Accounts" and authorize your Salesforce user to use the connected app that was previously created by your company admin  

3. Select which records you'd like to sync with Nudge.ai, and turn the toggles on. Each user can sync leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. 

Now that the Salesforce integration is added, any new company user can run their own authorization to integrate their account to Nudge.ai. 

When a user adds or removes accounts within Salesforce, the accounts will now also be added or removed from Nudge.ai.  

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