With our Salesforce integration, your team's Nudge.ai Salesforce accounts, leads, opportunities and contact lists update automatically.

When you add or remove accounts from Salesforce, they're removed from your Nudge.ai Salesforce lists as well. 

As your company's Nudge.ai admin, follow these steps to set up the integration for your team:  

  1. Go to "Your Nudge Plan" in the "Settings" section of the app:  
  2. Click on the "Connect to Salesforce" button in the "Connected Salesforce Organizations" section 
  3. In the pop-up, enter the username/password from the SFDC Admin 

For older Salesforce installs, a security token may need to be added to the password in step #3. 

If so, a pop-up message will appear, and then you can follow these steps to get the security token.  

Go to https://{subDomain}.salesforce.com/_ui/system/security/ResetApiTokenEdit in the Salesforce install, logged in as the admin user.  The user has to replace {subDomain} in the url with the actual subdomain of their SFDC account (i.e. https://na1.salesforce.com/_ui/system/security/ResetApiTokenEdit)

Click on the "Reset Security Token" button

Get the security token sent to the admin's email address

Append the security token to the password entered in the screen in Nudge

Once the SFDC Admin has finished setting up the integration, the admin and all company users can authorize their own Salesforce accounts. 

This article will show you how.  

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