Growing an account is a full team effort. Customer success, support, sales, and the executive team all maintain relationships that are important to growing the account. 

Did you know that 68% of customers leave because they think you don't care? It's not enough to measure contract life cycle, NPS or even product adoption to indicate risk. You need to measure relationships and keep track of which are strong, and which are slipping.

Nudge helps you understand this dynamic by providing in-depth analytics on how many relationships reps have at an account, as well as how strong those relationships are. Knowing this foundation helps you navigate an account and maximize their growth and upsell potential.

You can view Analytics on any list, or if you're a Team Admin, you can see Analytics across your Team.  

See Team Relationships 

Click the Relationships tab to see the team's relationships across accounts in a specific list.

The dark blue is the number of strong relationships the team has at an account,
and the light blue is the number of weak and medium strength relationships. 

You can also click on any bar on the graph

and you'll be able to see exactly who those relationships are with.


See a Team Member's Engagement

Click the Engagement (Team Member) tab to see a team member's engagement on accounts in that list. 

The blue is the number of relationships the team member has at an account,
and the black is the number of weeks since they've last contacted the account.  

Analytics help both Reps and Managers: 

  • Sales Reps see which accounts they need to spend more time with
  • Managers, Team Leads and Directors understand where their team has been focusing their energies 
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